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Stimmen Fryslan

Reproducibiliy results [paper xyz]

These notebooks allow for the reroducabiluty, they require access to the stimmen mysql database. One needs to request to this database.

General statistics

[Statistics for Nanna's email of 2019-02-13](notebooks/Statistics for Nanna's email of 2019-02-13.ipynb)

Calculates statistics of the stimmen app usage.


[Partition provinces in wijken and gemeentes](notebooks/Segment Provinces in Wijken and Gemeentes.ipynb)

Partitions Fryslan, the Dutch province, with repesct to two granularities, as defined by the CBS 'wijken' and 'gemeentes' of 2017. These partitionings are used in all maps created with the other notebooks.


[Frysian pronunciation occurrence](notebooks/Frysian pronunciation occurrence.ipynb)

Creates all heatmaps illustrating the distribution of one pronunciation relative to all other pronunciations of that word.


example pronunciation occurence map

Distribution maps

Creates maps for both granularities, each illustrating the pronunciation distribution of one word.

[Frysian pronunciation distribution maps](notebooks/Frysian pronunciation distribution maps.ipynb)


example pronunciation distribution map


Extract Frysian dialect regions


Get polygons of dialect regions as mapped in this image

dialect regions

using image processing.


Group recordings to Frysian dialect regions


Create spreadsheets with the recordings assigned to dialect regions.


Segment Friesland (and Groningen) in Gemeentes and Wijken


Some of the wijken are merges, for example part of Leeuwarden, to avoid that the segementation gets too fine


Visualized maps of the segmentations.


  • data/Friesland_gemeentes.geojson
  • data/Friesland_gemeentes.kml
  • data/Friesland_wijken.geojson
  • data/Friesland_wijken.kml
  • data/Groningen_gemeentes.geojson
  • data/Groningen_gemeentes.kml
  • data/Groningen_wijken.geojson
  • data/Groningen_wijken.kml

Posterior probabilities and Likelyhoods for origin based on word pronunciation


Tables with the posterior probabilities and likelihoods of being from a region based on the stated pronunciation of one specific word.

Gabmap tab seperated files


Create tab separated files to be used by gapmap, based on the geojson regions as created by

Segment Provinces in Wijken and Gemeentes.ipynb

This is a simple example for the created gabmap files.


Bar Maps per word for Pronunciation Occurrence in Frysian Municipalities

For each word, a map illustrates the pronunciation occurrence as measured by the prediction quiz, per Frysian


Heatmap per word for Pronunciation Occurrence in Frysian Municipalities


Each map displays the pronounciation occurence in Frysian municipalities for one word. Each pronunciation is represented by one map layer, and for one municipality layer the percentages for each pronunciation add up to 100% + rounding errors.

Heatmap per word for Pronunciation Occurrence in Frysian Neighborhoods

Same as for Municipalities, but for Neighborhoods.