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tus is a protocol based on HTTP for resumable file uploads. Resumable
means that an upload can be interrupted at any moment and can be resumed without
re-uploading the previous data again. An interruption may happen willingly, if
the user wants to pause, or by accident in case of an network issue or server

tusd is the official reference implementation of the tus resumable upload
. The protocol
specifies a flexible method to upload files to remote servers using HTTP.
The special feature is the ability to pause and resume uploads at any
moment allowing to continue seamlessly after e.g. network interruptions.

It is capable of accepting uploads with arbitrary sizes and storing them locally
on disk, on Google Cloud Storage or on AWS S3 (or any other S3-compatible
storage system). Due to its modularization and extensibility, support for
nearly any other cloud provider could easily be added to tusd.

Protocol version: 1.0.0

This branch contains tusd v1. If you are looking for the previous major release, after which
breaking changes have been introduced, please look at the 0.14.0 tag.


Build status

Build Status


This project is licensed under the MIT license, see LICENSE.txt.