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dr. M.S. (Matthijs) Berends 58ed15e7ac (v1.8.1.9008) website update 2 months ago
.gitignore Support for German and Spanish microorganism properties, cleanup 4 years ago
AMR.Rmd (v1.8.0.9005) as.rsi() fix 4 months ago
EUCAST.Rmd (v1.4.0.9032) auto-data guessing for functions 2 years ago
MDR.Rmd (v1.7.1.9022) rely on vctrs for ab selectors 11 months ago
PCA.Rmd (v1.3.0.9005) website update 2 years ago
SPSS.Rmd (v1.7.1.9074) improvement, ASCII replacements for unit tests 7 months ago
WHONET.Rmd (v1.7.0.9001) CLSI 2020 guideline 1 year ago
benchmarks.Rmd (v1.7.1.9073) as.rsi() fix for UTIs 7 months ago
datasets.Rmd (v1.8.1.9008) website update 2 months ago
resistance_predict.Rmd (v1.5.0.9014) only_rsi_columns, is.rsi.eligible improvement 1 year ago
welcome_to_AMR.Rmd (v1.7.1.9067) Support for Swedish and Russian 7 months ago