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# ==================================================================== #
# Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR) Data Analysis for R #
# #
# #
# #
# (c) 2018-2021 Berends MS, Luz CF et al. #
# Developed at the University of Groningen, the Netherlands, in #
# collaboration with non-profit organisations Certe Medical #
# Diagnostics & Advice, and University Medical Center Groningen. #
# #
# This R package is free software; you can freely use and distribute #
# it for both personal and commercial purposes under the terms of the #
# GNU General Public License version 2.0 (GNU GPL-2), as published by #
# the Free Software Foundation. #
# We created this package for both routine data analysis and academic #
# research and it was publicly released in the hope that it will be #
# useful, but it comes WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY OR LIABILITY. #
# #
# Visit our website for the full manual and a complete tutorial about #
# how to conduct AMR data analysis: #
# ==================================================================== #
expect_equal(mo_kingdom("Escherichia coli"), "Bacteria")
expect_equal(mo_kingdom("Escherichia coli"), mo_domain("Escherichia coli"))
expect_equal(mo_phylum("Escherichia coli"), "Proteobacteria")
expect_equal(mo_class("Escherichia coli"), "Gammaproteobacteria")
expect_equal(mo_order("Escherichia coli"), "Enterobacterales")
expect_equal(mo_family("Escherichia coli"), "Enterobacteriaceae")
expect_equal(mo_genus("Escherichia coli"), "Escherichia")
expect_equal(mo_species("Escherichia coli"), "coli")
expect_equal(mo_subspecies("Escherichia coli"), "")
expect_equal(mo_fullname("Escherichia coli"), "Escherichia coli")
expect_equal(mo_name("Escherichia coli"), "Escherichia coli")
expect_equal(mo_type("Escherichia coli", language = "en"), "Bacteria")
expect_equal(mo_gramstain("Escherichia coli", language = "en"), "Gram-negative")
expect_inherits(mo_taxonomy("Escherichia coli"), "list")
expect_equal(names(mo_taxonomy("Escherichia coli")), c("kingdom", "phylum", "class", "order",
"family", "genus", "species", "subspecies"))
expect_equal(mo_synonyms("Escherichia coli"), NULL)
expect_true(length(mo_synonyms("Candida albicans")) > 1)
expect_inherits(mo_synonyms(c("Candida albicans", "Escherichia coli")), "list")
expect_equal(names(mo_info("Escherichia coli")), c("kingdom", "phylum", "class", "order",
"family", "genus", "species", "subspecies",
"synonyms", "gramstain", "url", "ref",
expect_inherits(mo_info(c("Escherichia coli", "Staphylococcus aureus")), "list")
expect_equal(mo_ref("Escherichia coli"), "Castellani et al., 1919")
expect_equal(mo_authors("Escherichia coli"), "Castellani et al.")
expect_equal(mo_year("Escherichia coli"), 1919)
expect_equal(mo_shortname("Escherichia coli"), "E. coli")
expect_equal(mo_shortname("Escherichia"), "Escherichia")
expect_equal(mo_shortname("Staphylococcus aureus"), "S. aureus")
expect_equal(mo_shortname("Staphylococcus aureus", Becker = TRUE), "S. aureus")
expect_equal(mo_shortname("Staphylococcus aureus", Becker = "all", language = "en"), "CoPS")
expect_equal(mo_shortname("Streptococcus agalactiae"), "S. agalactiae")
expect_equal(mo_shortname("Streptococcus agalactiae", Lancefield = TRUE), "GBS")
expect_true(mo_url("Candida albicans") %like% "")
expect_true(mo_url("Escherichia coli") %like% "")
# test integrity
MOs <- microorganisms
expect_identical(MOs$fullname, mo_fullname(MOs$fullname, language = "en"))
# check languages
expect_equal(mo_type("Escherichia coli", language = "de"), "Bakterien")
expect_equal(mo_gramstain("Escherichia coli", language = "nl"), "Gram-negatief")
expect_stdout(print(mo_gramstain("Escherichia coli", language = "en")))
expect_stdout(print(mo_gramstain("Escherichia coli", language = "de")))
expect_stdout(print(mo_gramstain("Escherichia coli", language = "nl")))
expect_stdout(print(mo_gramstain("Escherichia coli", language = "es")))
expect_stdout(print(mo_gramstain("Escherichia coli", language = "pt")))
expect_stdout(print(mo_gramstain("Escherichia coli", language = "it")))
expect_stdout(print(mo_gramstain("Escherichia coli", language = "fr")))
expect_error(mo_gramstain("Escherichia coli", language = "UNKNOWN"))
dutch <- mo_name(microorganisms$fullname, language = "nl") # should be transformable to English again
expect_identical(mo_name(dutch, language = NULL), microorganisms$fullname) # gigantic test - will run ALL names
# manual property function
expect_error(mo_property("Escherichia coli", property = c("tsn", "fullname")))
expect_error(mo_property("Escherichia coli", property = "UNKNOWN"))
expect_identical(mo_property("Escherichia coli", property = "fullname"),
mo_fullname("Escherichia coli"))
expect_identical(mo_property("Escherichia coli", property = "genus"),
mo_genus("Escherichia coli"))
expect_identical(mo_property("Escherichia coli", property = "species"),
mo_species("Escherichia coli"))
expect_identical(suppressWarnings(mo_ref("Chlamydia psittaci")), "Page, 1968")
expect_identical(mo_ref("Chlamydophila psittaci"), "Everett et al., 1999")
expect_true(112283007 %in% mo_snomed("Escherichia coli"))
# old codes must throw a warning in mo_* family
expect_message(mo_name(c("B_ESCHR_COL", "B_STPHY_AUR")))
# outcome of mo_fullname must always return the fullname from the data set
x <- data.frame(mo = microorganisms$mo,
# fullname from the original data:
f1 = microorganisms$fullname,
# newly created fullname based on MO code:
f2 = mo_fullname(microorganisms$mo, language = "en"),
stringsAsFactors = FALSE)
expect_equal(nrow(subset(x, f1 != f2)), 0)
# is gram pos/neg (also return FALSE for all non-bacteria)
expect_equal(mo_is_gram_negative(c("Escherichia coli", "Staphylococcus aureus", "Candida albicans")),
expect_equal(mo_is_gram_positive(c("Escherichia coli", "Staphylococcus aureus", "Candida albicans")),
# is intrinsic resistant
expect_equal(mo_is_intrinsic_resistant(c("Escherichia coli", "Staphylococcus aureus", "Candida albicans"),
# with reference data
expect_equal(mo_name("test", reference_df = data.frame(col1 = "test", mo = "B_ESCHR_COLI")),
"Escherichia coli")
if (AMR:::pkg_is_available("dplyr")) {
expect_equal(example_isolates %>% filter(mo_is_gram_negative()) %>% nrow(),
expect_equal(example_isolates %>% filter(mo_is_gram_positive()) %>% nrow(),
expect_equal(example_isolates %>% filter(mo_is_intrinsic_resistant(ab = "Vancomycin")) %>% nrow(),