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% AMR (for R)
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# `AMR` (for R)
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5 years ago
This is the development source of the `AMR` package for R. Not a developer? Then please visit our website []( to read about this package.
*NOTE: this source code is on GitHub (, but also automatically mirrored to GitLab (*
5 years ago
### How to get this package
Please see [our website](
### Copyright
4 years ago
This R package is licensed under the [GNU General Public License (GPL) v2.0]( In a nutshell, this means that this package:
5 years ago
- May be used for commercial purposes
- May be used for private purposes
4 years ago
- May **not** be used for patent purposes
5 years ago
- May be modified, although:
- Modifications **must** be released under the same license when distributing the package
- Changes made to the code **must** be documented
- May be distributed, although:
- Source code **must** be made available when the package is distributed
- A copy of the license and copyright notice **must** be included with the package.
- Comes with a LIMITATION of liability
- Comes with NO warranty