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- [Production Security](#production-security)
- [Troubleshooting](#troubleshooting)
- [Mac Users](#mac-users)
- [Intesting Projects that use this Repo](#intesting-Projects-that-use-this-Repo)
- [Swarm mode Configuration](#swarm-mode-Configuration)
- [Interesting Projects that use this Repo](#interesting-projects-that-use-this-repo)
- [Swarm mode Configuration](#swarm-mode-configuration)
# A Prometheus & Grafana docker-compose stack
@ -105,7 +105,7 @@ It appears some people have reported no data appearing in Grafana. If this is ha
## Mac Users
The node-exporter does not run the same as Mac and Linux. Node-Exporter is not designed to run on Mac and in fact cannot collect metrics from the Mac OS due to the differences between Mac and Linux OS's. I recommend you comment out the node-exporter section in the `docker-compose.yml` file and instead just use the cAdvisor.
# Intesting Projects that use this Repo
# Interesting Projects that use this Repo
Several projects utilize this Prometheus stack. Here's the list of projects:
* [Docker Pulls](https://github.com/vegasbrianc/docker-pulls) - Visualize Docker-Hub pull statistics with Prometheus