Would like to move to to https://github.com/rug-cit-hpc/pg-playbooks but has large files...
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Egon Rijpkema aa545626eb Added nhc and /apps 3 years ago
common Added five virtual nodes on merlin. 3 years ago
gpu added -pm ENABLED flag 5 years ago
interactive/tasks Refactored the touch alert to own role. 4 years ago
ipmi_exporter Added ipmi monitoring 4 years ago
kill_memory_hogs Updated role to updated project structure. 3 years ago
ldap Unpieterized sshd_config 3 years ago
lustre_client Changed into rw mount 3 years ago
lustre_exporter Scraping less because of code 500 by exporter. 3 years ago
metadata/tasks A cronjob to drop cashes on the metadata servers. 4 years ago
node_exporter Ignoring fuse sshs mounts. 4 years ago
nvidia_smi_exporter Added nvidia_smi_exporter for prometheus 4 years ago
prom_client Added node exporter, a prometheus proxy and.. 5 years ago
prom_proxy Cleaner json and less verbose logging 4 years ago
prom_server Added new nodes. 3 years ago
prom_sql Added prom-sql target 3 years ago
slurm-client Added nhc and /apps 3 years ago
slurm-management Fixed typo. 3 years ago
slurm_exporter Added a prometheus exporter for slurm. 4 years ago
touchalert Made the search a litte less naieve... 4 years ago