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# Build and install a docker image for nova-controller.
- name: Make build and persistent directories
path: "{{ item }}"
state: directory
mode: 0777
- /srv/nova-controller
# Todo: remove this when we have a docker repo
# Disabled because of
#- name: clone docker-glance repo
# git:
# accept_hostkey: True
# repo: ssh://
# dest: /srv/docker-nova-service
- name: build nova-controller image
path: /srv/docker-nova-service
name: hpc/novacontroller
- name: install service file.
src: templates/nova-controller.service
dest: /etc/systemd/system/nova-controller.service
mode: 644
owner: root
group: root
- command: systemctl daemon-reload
- name: Initialize database.
command: >
/usr/bin/docker run --rm
--add-host=mariadb:{{ hostvars[groups['databases'][0]]['ansible_default_ipv4']['address'] }}
--add-host=controller:{{ hostvars[groups['keystone'][0]]['ansible_default_ipv4']['address'] }}
tags: bootstrap
- name: make sure service is started
name: nova-controller.service
state: restarted